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Building Hope with You Across the Sunshine Coast

Hope when and where you need it starts today with your partnership of $30 a month. 

Every month, Salt 106.5 listeners are building hope for the Sunshine Coast through their monthly support. For just a dollar a day, they’re ensuring hope is there – where and when you need it.

You can become a Salt 106.5 Hope Builder today via the button below.

Build Hope with Salt 106.5

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Hope when and where you need it, for a better future for your family, your friends, your neighbourhood. Hope for a world in which love overcomes fear – and people are not divided but instead unite.

Every day, Salt 106.5 is sharing hope when and where you need it. On air and online.

That hope is powered by Salt 106.5 Hope Builders, listeners who give on a monthly basis to keep Salt on air.  This year, some Salt listeners aren’t able to give.  To step into the gap, your $30 a month is needed.

FAQ: Salt 106.5 and Fundraising

JA23 Salt - FAQ

Do you have questions about why we fundraise? Who we are? Or looking for an alternate to donating online? Our FAQ page is here to help, with all the answers. 

Impact of Building Hope

JA23 Stories of Hope Salt

These are your Stories of Hope, the impact your Salt 106.5 is having on lives across the Sunshine Coast. We hope you are encouraged, inspired, and reminded of just how much God loves this city.

If you’d like to share your Story of Hope please contact the Salt 106.5 Team today.

“Salt keeps me on track – it’s my go to – when I’m feeling down it picks me up – when I need encouragement it gives me encouragement – when I need hope it gives me hope – it’s just there for me…” – Lisa