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SportsCruiser Caravans

Why Choose Sportscruiser Caravans? 

Our Story

G’day, I’m John an over energetic 70+ year old (who thinks he’s still 40) that grew up in the healthy lifestyle of competitive sailing as a young bloke. What does this have to do with caravans? Quite simply… a life experience of manufacturing with fibreglass & a fine attention to detail! That starts the story of how my wife Wendy an I got into manufacturing Sports Cruiser Caravans. We couldn’t find the technical quality – modern day innovation in manufacture, or the functionality / practicality and efficiency that only a genuine caravan enthusiast would understand.

Genuine and from the heart

Our Philosophy

We see Sportscruiser Caravans a lot like Snow Skiing. The general plan is to get to the bottom of the mountain in once piece and have a lot of fun at the same time. But what we actually end up focusing on, is making each and every turn on the journey as good as you can. When we do that – our experience is so much more rich for it!”

Locally owned and operated

Our Community

Wendy & John are locals, who understand innately the benefits of supporting local… ie: their community! Whilst many of the items in caravans today are mass produced & generic (& with some great nationally backed service I might add), much of what goes into Sportscruiser Caravans is unique to their specifications, is custom built & manufactured locally here in South east Queensland.

For those of you aware of the value supporting locally can deliver… you’ll most definitely appreciate this.

94 Enterprise Street
Kunda Park QLD 4556

Phone: 1300 882 821

Email: [email protected]