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Hallowed Footwear

At Hallowed, we’re motivated by the difference having beautiful shoes makes, to crafting your self-expression. Our goal is to have you walk tall and proud in shoes that make you feel confident, that complement your style and help create a you statement.

We also believe that having ‘feet with a little more sole’ shouldn’t relegate you to the back dusty corners of shoe shops to rifle through odd pairs, or scan the shelves for a size label that isn’t available. At Hallowed, your size is our core business. Your customer satisfaction is our priority. Your feedback and buyer behaviour informs our future collections.

Our online showroom is full of beautiful, quality made, leather shoes catering specifically for sizes at the top end of the bell curve. We exist to make more shoes available in larger sizes, for both men and women. That said, we are in this business for so much more than the ‘supply and demand’ transactions.

We’re proud to be a business that legitimises your right to be included. Inclusion gives you options. When your feet are taken care of, and comfortable in every step, your quality of life improves. Your self-confidence and how you carry yourself, changes. When you feel good in your style, you’re reassured about the investment you’ve made in a quality product. Inclusion is the transaction that matters most to us and why we do what we do.

We continue to work hard behind the scenes to negotiate with manufacturers and suppliers to expand their sizes. While there is more work to be done to win them over, we are pleased to have made progress! Our corporate and casual collections span EU41 to 50 (*European sizing) and include a wide variety of designs, colour palettes and leather finishes for you to play with.

Women’s Shoes

  • Size range EU41 to EU46
  • Sole length: 26cm – 31.5cm
  • Width range: 8.5cm – 11cm

Men’s Shoes

  • Size range EU46 to 50
  • Sole length: 29.5cm – 33.5cm
  • Width range: 10cm – 13cm

Of course, accurate sizing is all-important when buying shoes online. Our’s is a very hands-on approach to sizing; taking focus on ‘accuracy’ to the next level. Every one of our styles has its own individually measured size chart. You’ll find sole length, width and foot circumference, and ankle and calf circumference measurement where relevant. We don’t have a generic size chart on the site because there is no universal size references that all manufacturers use to make shoes. Simply choose a style you like from our store, then check your foot measurements against the size chart on that product page, to make your selection.

We have a comprehensive Returns Policy and are happy to work with you to make sure you get the right fit every time you order, so if there’s something more you’d like to know, we’re here to help. Please don’t hesitate to ask! 

Phone: 0438 732 288

Website: https://hallowedfootwear.com.au/