Calvary Christian Church - Salt 106.5

Calvary Christian Church

The Reason We Exist:

Calvary exists to help every person – no matter who they are, where they’ve been or what they’ve done – know how much God loves them.

Our Vision:

We see a large, influential church, meeting in multiple locations around the world, helping people to know Jesus, find freedom, discover their purpose and make a difference.

Our Culture (Or For You Under 35s, “How We Roll”)

In Matthew 25 Jesus commended the good steward: “Well done good faithful servant.” This five word commendation describes the Kingdom life and the way we typically roll at Calvary.

Well = Excellence. We will do the best we can with faith.

Done = Persistence. We will do whatever it takes to get done that which God has asked of us.

Good = Humility. We commit to keeping a right spirit at all times.

Faithful = Faith. We will stay full of faith, no matter the circumstances.

Servant = Generosity. We insist that we are called to serve and to refresh others.

Pastor/Minister: Ps Daniel & Elise Pappas
Services: Sundays 9am & 6pm
Phone: 07 5453 9000

212 Crosby Hill Road
Tanawha QLD 4556