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‘The Ark and the Darkness’ Movie

Movie screening: ‘The Ark & The Darkness’

‘The Ark and the Darkness’ will be the most Biblically accurate, photo-realistic representation of Noah’s Flood ever released in theaters.

Geology, paleontology, the fossil record, ancient history, volcanism, earth science… all of these scientific fields converge on one simple truth: Noah’s flood actually happened.

Join the team of scientists from Answers in Genesis and Liberty University as we reveal the truth about Noah’s flood.

Cost: $15.00

Runtime: 2 hours

Event Details

Organisation: 2 hours

Contact: Mark Johnson

Email Address: [email protected]

Location: 23 Maple St, Maleny

Website: http://www.theacademy.au

Date: 7PM - 9PM on Friday 10 May