“Selfie Dad” Star Michael Jr. on the Healing Power of Faith and Comedy [Movie Review]

The new faith-based family comedy 'Selfie Dad' shows how The Bible helps a man in crisis rediscover his purpose.

Listen: Real-life comedian and 'Selfie Dad' actor Michael Jr. shares why faith and comedy are an important mix

By Salt 106.5 Network Friday 16 Apr 2021Movies

All of us have times where it feels like life’s falling off the rails, and in the new faith-based family comedy Selfie Dad we see how The Bible helps a man in crisis rediscover his purpose.

Selfie Dad is about Ben Marcus, a one-time comic who’s given up the stage to become a father, and pursue a career in video editing. Ben loves his family, but spirals into a mid-life crisis when his career takes a turn and he’s lacking connection with his wife and the faith he once prioritised.

Trying to pick himself back up, Ben decides to post his comedy online, learning about the world of social-media influencing and, inadvertently, documenting how his faith and family relationships are repaired.

Real-life comedian Michael Jr. stars as Ben, and shares in this conversation why faith and comedy are an important mix, and how stints on shows like The Tonight Show and Jimmy Kimmel LIVE have helped him love others better.

Selfie Dad is available now online and on DVD. Enter to win a Salt 106.5 digital pass to watch this movie in the comfort of your own home.

Listen to the full interview with comedian and actor Michael Jr. in the player above. 

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