Faith Sharing Tip: Burst Your Church Bubble

How many close friends do you have who AREN’T Christians? It’s hard to “go into all the world” if we’re only hanging out with our friends from church.

By Salt 106.5 Network Wednesday 20 Feb 2019FaithReading Time: 2 minutes

By: Tim Doecke

I love my church. It’s a community that represents so much of what I love. Jesus, all my closest friends, music, and transforming peoples lives.

Because of that, I’m really intentional about investing into serving and building relationships in that community. But I realised recently I’ve been so focused on investing into Christian relationships that I actually don’t have ANY close friends who aren’t Christians. That’s scary.

Serving church is a great investment until it starts costing relationship with people who don’t follow Jesus.

In Matthew 28:18, just before He flew into the sky, Jesus said: “Go into all the world and make disciples…” It’s hard to go into the world if all we’re doing is hanging out with our friends from church. I dare say there are many non-Christians in our world, we just haven’t noticed them, because of our church bubble. Let’s change that! Let’s break the bubble and engage!

3 people you could engage…

  1. Someone at your gym — who’s hitting the gym the same time as you each day/week?
  2. Your local barista — when they ask your name for your coffee order, ask them theirs!
  3. The parents of your kid’s friends — invite them to a play date in the park.

Article supplied with thanks to The Journey by yesHEis.

About the Author: Tim enjoys chatting with random people, propogating succulents, reading books, kayaking and has a slight obsession with vintage synthesizers. yesHEis provides various resources to help share your faith in relatable ways.

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