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How to Share Your Faith with Your Workmates

One of the biggest reasons we struggle to share our faith is that we often don’t feel authentic enough ourselves. Here are 5 tips to help!

By Salt 106.5 Network Tuesday 11 Dec 2018Christian LivingReading Time: 3 minutes

By: yesHEis

When it comes to sharing our faith and impacting the environment around us, it can be hard to know what the best approach is. Especially in a work environment, where we often want to keep our faith private.

But as Christians, sharing Jesus is something that should be a natural part of our lifestyle as we live out the Great Commission. So why is it that it can sometimes feel like such a challenge?

Here are a few thoughts that can help when it comes to sharing Jesus at work:

1. Point to Jesus

One of the biggest reasons we struggle to share our faith is that we often don’t feel authentic enough ourselves. Maybe there is shame in our life and we think that we still need to reach a certain point of holiness before we start sharing about a holy God. But one truth that we need to remember is this.

You don’t have to be Jesus — you just need to point to Him. There is a huge difference.

Of course, the way we live our life and the decisions we make need to support the Gospel message, but we also need to understand that we will never be perfect. We are human! Why else does Jesus suggest we ask for forgiveness in the Lord’s Prayer every day?

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The only difference between you and your non-Christian workmates is this: you are forgiven. Being forgiven changes everything. It makes us grateful and it sets us free from wanting to be perfect before we tell people about Jesus.

2. Pray Regularly

It was Reinhard Bonnke who said that “Evangelism is a bomb, but prayer is the fuse”. The two go hand in hand. So when it comes to sharing your faith with other people, prayer can’t just be an option. When we pray, we move mountains. We release God’s will over people.

In John 6:63 we read that “it is the spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all.” In other words, do not depend on yourself. Depend on Him to be with you and to guide your steps.

Pray regularly that what you share will fall on open hearts and bring healing, love, and most of all, eternal life.

3. Remember the Reason: Love

Sharing our faith should always come from a place of love, and we should never put any kind of pressure on people. Check that the words you are using are helpful and not hurtful, and remember that every person has a history that is completely unique. What we say should bless people, not judge them. And the way to do this doesn’t often start with talking, it begins with listening.

4. Share Your Testimony

Being transparent about your own life is another great way to share your faith, as well as an opportunity to deepen the relationship. While people will sometimes connect through Bible knowledge, they will always connect through your personal story. And the great thing about sharing your testimony is that you can share what you have actually experienced in your own life. This makes what you say completely authentic, which is what people want to hear!

5. It’s a Lifestyle

Sharing our faith doesn’t have to be hard. It can be as simple as living a faith-filled life with integrity and having a heart to serve others. When in relationship with Jesus, opportunities to serve others always arise. And as followers of Jesus, we need to be available to participate in His plans for us. By living in this way, we can be salt and light in our workplaces, and our workmates will notice.

So, be bold this week, and take a step towards sharing your faith with a workmate. You never know what God might do with it.

Article supplied with thanks to The Journey by yesHEis.

About the Author: yesHEis provides various resources to help share your faith in relatable ways.