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Pain, Grief and Loss – God’s Word Speaks Comfort

Be Still My Soul by Jason Summers is for those needing to know the reason for the hope the Christian holds onto in death.

Listen: Salt 106.5's Steve D joined by Jason Summers, Chaplaincy Co-ordinator at the Launceston General Hospital, to chat his new book "Be Still My Soul".

By Salt 106.5 TeamThursday 9 Nov 2023The Long Lunch with SteveChristian LivingReading Time: 1 minute

When confronted with death we often seek comfort in our grief, hope in our loss, and rest in our suffering.

Be Still My Soul is a small booklet that takes the reader to God’s Word for it speaks the comfort, hope, meaning, and rest we long for when faced with death and grief. 

Are you a Christian who is suffering in the shadow of a life limiting illness or struggling to overcome the pain of grief and loss? Perhaps this book is for you. Have a listen to Steve D’s uplifting conversation with author Jason Summers.

Listen to the full interview in the player above.

Be Still My Soul: Finding Comfort, Hope, Meaning, and Rest in the Shadow of Death is available for purchase on Amazon.