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4 Paws Urgently Need Pet Foster Carers

Due to rental stress affecting carers and pet owners, 4 Paws are in desperate need of new foster homes for some purr-fect pets.

Listen: Julie Penlington, President 4Paws Animal Rescue, shares the urgent need for cat foster homes, as owners experience rental stress.

By Fiona CameronThursday 7 Oct 2021Mornings with FeeLifeReading Time: 1 minute

4 Paws Animal Rescue Inc. provides refuge for homeless dogs and cats on the Sunshine Coast and beyond, successfully re-homing thousands of animals over 15 years. Unfortunately, the shortage of Sunshine Coast rental accommodation is affecting many 4 Paws carers, especially cat foster carers.    

When chatting on Mornings with Fee, 4 Paws Animal Rescue Inc. president Julie Penlington shares, “Recently we have had an influx of cats coming into 4 Paws largely due to rental stress and we are in desperate need of foster homes for them. To compound this, some of our existing carers have fallen victim to the rental crisis themselves, meaning we now to have find new places for the animals they are caring for.”

4 Paws uses ‘foster carers’ to provide homes for the animals that come into their care (rather than the traditional shelter approach). “We’re different to other rescues in that we go to a lot of effort to place the right animal in the right home. We meet with every person who contacts us about fostering or adoption; we visit their home to ensure it’s suitable and chat with them about their perfect companion before agreeing on the best cat or dog for them.” shares Julie.

4 Paws also run a permanent care program for those animals that can’t be re-homed due to medical or behavioural issues.

Listen to their full conversation in the player above. 

Want to foster a pet? Have questions? Contact 4 Paws Animal Rescue Inc Sunshine Coast today.