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Creating Healthy Workplaces for Employees to Thrive

Stressed workers are more than 2 times more likely to look for a new job in the next 12 months than those who are not stressed.

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By: McCrindle

Workplace well-being can often be a sensitive topic with almost three in four Australian workers (73%) experiencing a degree of workplace stress (extremely, very or somewhat stressed in their work).

Whilst nearly half of Australian workers will look for a new job in the next twelve months (48%), this increases for those who are extremely or very stressed about their work. Reventure is a think-tank to undertake research and stimulate public debate about workplace matters. The Reventure Workplace Well-being study shows stressed workers (extremely/very stressed) are 2.5 times more likely to look for a new job in the next 12 months than workers who are not at all stressed about their work (73% compared to 28%). So how do we create healthy workplaces where Australians want to remain?

Realistic workloads and flexibility are key

In order to create a healthy environment for employees to thrive, Australian workers believe the most important aspects are:

  1. Realistic workloads (92%)
  2. Flexible working hours (83%)
  3. Encouraging work/life integration (82%).

In a workplace where there are high levels of employee well-being, Australian workers believe there is high team morale (61%), employee loyalty (52%), low staff turnover (52%) and high productivity (46%).

Are workplace well-being programs effective or just a buzz word?

Almost three-quarters of Australian workers (74%) believe well-being programs are worth the time and money, as they increase the productivity, engagement and morale of employees. Whilst workplace well-being programs are having an impact they are still few and far between. More than half of Australian workers (57%) do not have a workplace well-being program.

Workplace well-being is increasingly important to Australian workers

More than one in five Australian workers are willing to sacrifice company perks (25%) and promotions (21%) in order to obtain better workplace well-being. A further two in five Australian workers (42%) see employee well-being programs as very or somewhat important when job searching.

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The priority placed on a well-being program increases once a worker has experienced a well-being program. Workers who have a well-being program are almost two times more likely to apply for a job based on its employee well-being program, than workers looking for jobs from companies without workplace well-being programs (58% compared to 31%).

So what can employers do?

In order to foster well-being in the workplace, Australian workers believe employers should create an environment that:

  • Increases employee trust, satisfaction, engagement and loyalty (86%)
  • Proactively address stress in the workplace (85%)
  • Encourages and exemplifies work/life integration (82%).

About this research

In 2017 Reventure commissioned McCrindle to conduct a study on workplace well-being. The Workplace Well-being Report is derived from a survey of 1,005 Australian employed adults and explores the concept of well-being in the workplace. The purpose of this research is to understand perceptions around well-being, and the impact and effectiveness of workplace well-being programs.

Article supplied with thanks to McCrindle.

About the Author: McCrindle are a team of researchers and communications specialists who discover insights, and tell the story of Australians – what we do, and who we are.