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Job Mobility is On the Minds of Young Workers

With an expected 18 jobs across 6 industries in their lifetime, Gen Z are the most agile generation the workforce has ever seen.

By Salt 106.5 Network Monday 7 Aug 2023Finance and BusinessReading Time: 3 minutes

With an expected 18 jobs across 6 industries in their lifetime, Gen Z are the most agile generation the workforce has ever seen.

In research McCrindle conducted for Frontline Recruitment, Gen Z showed to be embracing the changes that they will inevitably experience in their working life.

Gen Z open to changing roles

More than seven in ten Gen Z workers (72%) have considered leaving their role in the last 12 months. This is compared to 67% of Gen Y workers, 57% of Gen X and just 42% of Baby Boomer workers.

Despite being open to new opportunities, few Gen Z’s are actually following through. In fact, Gen Z workers are 3.4 times more likely to have thought about leaving their role than actually having left (72% compared to 21% who have left). Employers must consider how to prevent a ‘quiet quitter’ mindset amongst workers, ensuring that workers who stay enhance and not hinder the organisational aims and goals.

Likely reflective of the rising cost of living and the pressures that brings, workers today are unlikely to proactively take risks when it comes to moving through the workforce. In fact, job security (88%) and economic factors (81%) are key drivers in keeping workers in their roles.
However, these factors alone are not enough in retaining quality talent. What may have worked to retain quality staff a decade ago doesn’t reflect the values and motivations of the youngest members of the workforce today.

Professional growth is important to younger generations and, a clear development pathway is a key contributor to overall job satisfaction. Almost half of Gen Z workers (48%) say that opportunities for career progression contributes to their overall job satisfaction (cf. 42% Gen Y, 32% Gen X, 18% Baby Boomers). Two in five Gen Z workers (41%) would say that opportunities for professional development is key in being satisfied in their job (cf. 39% Gen Y, 32% Gen X, 24% Baby Boomers).

Adapting to the new

Embracing a mobile workforce requires workers to adapt to the new – new opportunities and new challenges, new leadership and new workplace culture. It requires workers to set career goals that are not limited by one organization but are set around workers being the best they can be in their lane. Yet, this does not come without its challenges. While some roadblocks to achieving career goals may be out of an individual worker’s control, it is actually a lack of confidence that inhibits many young workers from reaching their career goals. One in three Gen Z (31%) and one in five Gen Y workers (26%) would consider a lack of confidence in applying for roles a key roadblock (cf. 20% Gen X, 11% Baby Boomers).

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Workplaces need to be able to embrace the change that a mobile workforce brings. This includes listening to what career goals employees have and coming alongside them to help them achieve them within their current role. Yet, it may also require empowering them to step into something new, being able to boost the confidence of young workers to step out and find opportunities for growth. It is clear that the workforce of the future will be mobile and, it is essential that the workforce today empowers younger generations to embrace it, the opportunities, the challenges and all that it has to offer.

Generation Z InfographicInfographic

From explaining the defining traits of each generation to shining a light on the emerging Gen Zs and Gen Alphas, this infographic provides a fascinating overview of the generations.

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