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Traits Imperative For Today’s Leader

As indicated by today’s workers, there are some essential qualities that Australians are seeking in their leaders.

By Salt 106.5 Network Sunday 29 Oct 2023Finance and BusinessReading Time: 2 minutes

In the contemporary and fast-paced landscape of the workplace, organisations are increasingly recognising the vital connection between effective leadership, employee contentment, and staff retention.

As indicated by today’s workers, there are some essential qualities that Australians seek in their leaders.


An approachable leader is imperative in leadership because they contribute to effective communication, trust and work culture. More than three in five Australians (64%) value approachability in their leaders. This attribute carries particular weight among Generation X, where 70% emphasise the significance of having an approachable leader. While slightly less crucial for Generation Z (58%) and Generation Y (59%), it remains vital. Even among Baby Boomers, a generation known for their experience and wisdom, 68% hold approachability in high regard. This strong preference for approachability emphasises the need for organisations and leaders to prioritise this quality.

Clear communication

Fostering open and transparent communication within teams is vital for organisational success. Over three in five Australians (63%) value a leader who exercises clear communication. For Baby Boomers, it is the most important trait in a leader (71% compared to 57% Gen Z, 60% Gen Y and 64% Gen X). The importance of clear communication cannot be overstated; It’s a quality that resonates across generations, highlighting its fundamental role in leadership effectiveness.


Integrity is another highly valued quality, with almost three in five Australians (59%) valuing it in their leaders. Integrous leaders build trust amongst employees and play a critical role in creating a culture of honesty and long-term success. An integral leader holds particular significance for Baby Boomers, among whom 71% prioritise integrity (compared to 46% Gen Z, 55% Gen Y and 60% Gen X).

Notably, there’s a substantial 25% difference in the importance of integrity between the oldest and youngest generations. As workers mature, integrity gains prominence as a leadership trait with age, driven by the wisdom and life experiences of older generations. Baby Boomers, having been exposed to diverse leadership styles and historical contexts, place greater emphasis on trustworthiness, making integrity a top leadership priority.

In the ever-evolving workplace, these qualities are central to effective leadership, ensuring that leaders can foster connection, communication, and trust among their teams. Organisations that recognise the significance of these attributes are positioned to lead their employees to success in today’s dynamic work environment.

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