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Why Your Room Needs a New Red Chair

It occurred to me that a slight shift of perspective had altered my entire interpretation of my environment: sitting in a corner I’d only ever looked in to.

By Salt 106.5 Network Thursday 9 Nov 2017LifestyleReading Time: 3 minutes

By: Laura Bennett

PERSPECTIVE: “a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.”

What are the things that influence the way you see the world?

This week I got a new chair: it’s big, and red, not ‘overpowering red’ – more ‘Under the Tuscan Sun red’, or ‘faded fire engine red’. It has winged sides for resting your head, and sturdy arms perfect for leaning into on a rainy day (…which I have tired and tested already). It is soft, comfortable, and… it is mine.

After moving it to my room and shuffling it into the corner beneath my window, I took a seat and relished my new writing/reading nest. I’d never seen my room from this angle before: my window revealed different trees and I had a straight view of the hallway perfect for my slingshot days (dang it).

It occurred to me that a slight change of perspective had altered my entire interpretation of my environment; sitting in a corner I’d only ever looked in to, I was taken ‘behind the wall’. I wondered what the rest of my life might look like viewed from ‘a new chair’…how would things change if I looked at them differently?

Changing Perspective

Considering your world, and the various ‘rooms’ you occupy, would they be affected by a change in perspective?

If you stood in someone else’s shoes and saw things from their corner, would you act differently? Think differently? How would your interpretation of events be changed?

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Whether we want to more empathetic, or completely reframe our worldview, there’s a few things we can do to bring fresh perspective:

1) Listen

Whether it’s stopping and letting someone share their side of the story, or pausing to hear what your internal voice is saying, listening is a big deal. In the noise of our lives we can get so focused on our own point of view, we miss opportunities to delight in the variety around us. So listen. Make a point of hearing others out and paying attention to their insights. Let their stories add depth to your own convictions.

2) Choose faith not fear

What would your world look like if you viewed it securely through the goodness of God? …If you chose to believe God meant it when said He knows the plans and purposes He has for you, and is faithful to His Word? How would your behaviours change? What would you be willing to dream? The moment we step outside of our own insecurity and into His grace, we find courage to act. Anchor your life in faith and not fear, and watch as your worldview is revolutionized.

3) Try something new

Go to a country you’d never visited, try a new café, walk in a suburb you’ve never been to before. Speak to a neighbour. Say yes to an unexpected opportunity. Get out of your habitual bubble and let yourself see things in a new light. If you want to mix things up – you’ve got mix things up (I know, it’s profound). You might learn something new about yourself (like waterslides and those swimmers are not a good combo), or relate to a culture you never thought you would.

(…And if all else fails, just buy yourself a new chair).

Article supplied with thanks to Laura Bennett.

About the Author: Laura Bennett is a media professional, broadcaster and writer from Sydney, Australia.