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Slow-Cooker Baked Chicken with Gravy

Come home to dinner cooked with this moist, soft whole chicken falling off the bones!

By Salt 106.5 Network Monday 28 May 2018LifestyleReading Time: 2 minutes

By: Susan Joy

This is a very easy way to cook a whole chicken, it comes out moist, soft and falling off the bones. The spice mix not only helps with the beautiful colour of the chicken but the delicious flavour. The chicken juices and spices make a tasty base for the gravy, which it’s full of concentrated goodness (like gelatin). Come home to dinner cooked.

Serves: 4 – 6 | Prep Time: 00:10 | Cooking Time*: 05:00
* Cooking time will vary see below


1 lge (2kg) whole chicken
1 med onion(s), in quarters
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp arrowroot flour, or tapioca
1 Tbsp Italian herbs
2 tsp paprika
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
3/4 tsp fine sea salt
Juices from the cooked chicken
1 Tbsp arrowroot flour
1/4 cup filtered water
Sea salt to taste


Cooking time for the chicken will vary depending if cooked on low or high: 7 – 8 hours on low or 5 – 6 hours on high.

Smear 1 teaspoon of olive oil over the base of the slow-cooker’s ceramic bowl and turn on the slow-cooker to start warming while you prepare the chicken.

Add all the ingredients for the spice mixture to a small bowl and mix well.

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Rinse the chicken (make sure you remove the absorbent pad under the chicken) and dry with paper towels.

Place the onion pieces into the chicken’s cavity. Drizzle olive oil over the whole chicken and smooth over with your hands to coat well. Use a spoon to evenly sprinkle all the spice mixture generously over the whole chicken.

Place the chicken into the slow-cooker and cook until the chicken is soft and tender (see cooking times above).

Remove the cooked chicken, being careful not to burn yourself (I like to gently tip to release extra juice from the chicken cavity into the slow-cooker whilst taking it out) and place on a serving plate. Remove the cooked onion from the chicken and serve with your other vegetables on the side.

To make the gravy: Using pot holders, remove the bowl from the slow-cooker and pour the chicken juices into a small saucepan. Add the arrowroot flour to a cup and pour in a little of the water to make a smooth paste. Add the remaining water and the arrowroot paste to the juices, cook on low, stirring until gravy starts to thicken. Add salt to your taste.

Serve the baked chicken with vegetables and the gravy.

Article supplied with thanks to The JOYful Table.

About the Author: Susan is author of The JOYful Table cookbook containing gluten & grain free, and Paleo inspired recipes for good health and well being.