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20% of TikTok Content is Misleading or Just Wrong

Was the 2020 election stolen? Did Ukrainians fake the civilian deaths in Bucha? If you search on TikTok, you might think the answer is “Yes.”

Listen: Lorenzo Arvanitis, Journalist with Newsguard shares why we need to beware TikTok’s search engine pumping toxic misinformation to young users

By Fiona CameronWednesday 28 Sep 2022Mornings with FeeNewsReading Time: 1 minute

Lorenzo Arvanitis, co-author of the NewsGaurd article “Beware the ‘New Google:’ TikTok’s Search Engine Pumps Toxic Misinformation To Its Young Users” joins Mornings with Fee to discuss why we need to beware of the information we’re presented with on social media platforms… but especially TikTok. 

“A sampling of searches on prominent news topics, almost 20 percent of the videos presented as search results contained misinformation. This means that for searches on topics ranging from the Russian invasion of Ukraine to school shootings and COVID vaccines, TikTok’s users are consistently fed false and misleading claims.” Lorenzo Arvanitis and the NewsGaurd team investigation revealed.

Listen to full interview in the player above.