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Parenting Seminar with Dr Justin Coulson

Two great sessions, in one day, Tuesday 6th September. Little People, Big Feelings! from 9:00am, followed by Parental Guidance from 6:30pm.

By Fiona CameronThursday 25 Aug 2022Mornings with FeeParentingReading Time: 2 minutes

Calling all parents! Glasshouse Country Baptist Church and Glasshouse Christian College are hosting two not to be missed sessions with Happy Families parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson, on Tuesday 6th September. 

“My goal is for parents, teachers, and those who work with children to see them for the precious humans they are; to connect with them in meaningful ways; and to guide those children to become strong, caring, whole adults.” says Dr Justin Coulson.

Katherine, from Glasshouse Country Baptist Church, joins Mornings with Fee to share more about the sessions and what parents can expect from the day.

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About the Parenting Seminar

Little People, Big Feelings! 9:00 – 10:30 AM

What are we supposed to do when our child is having a tantrum? Losing the plot?
Going off their rocker?

Most of our responses – no matter how well-intended – can make things worse. We tell them to stop it, calm down, cut it out… and they don’t! They get worse! We send them to their room, take the iPad… It all backfires. Dealing with little people’s big emotions (and challenging behaviours) in the middle of an outburst is tough!
Little People, Big Feelings is Dr Justin Coulson’s powerful guide to teaching children to understand and regulate their emotional world. Once they develop competence with this critical life skill, emotionally intelligent children will feel more confident and resilient, perform better at school, have healthier relationships with others, and even be physically healthier.

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With lots of practical advice and time for questions, this is a topic not to miss! Book your tickets today.

Parental Guidance: 6:30 – 8:00 PM

Is there a ‘right’ way to parent?

Researchers have been investigating this question since the 1950s! While everyone will do it differently, the research shows that there are certain things that the best parents do that are linked to the very best all-round outcomes in children.

In this presentation, Dr Justin Coulson, Australia’s leading parenting expert, will share the research behind the very best parenting, and identify specific
strategies that parents can use to build happier, more loving families and children who are kind, competent and confident.

Dr Justin will cover:

  • The evidence-based pros and cons of the most popular parenting styles
  • The 3 research-founded principles that underscore the very best parenting
  • Ideas for discipline that turn everything you thought you knew on its head
  • Skills and habits to help your family and children grow to be the best they can be

This will be a relaxed session with lots of practical advice and plenty of opportunities to ask questions of Dr Justin! Book your tickets today.