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Fellas ‘The Man Book’ Will Help You, Shares Author Brian Andrew

Designed for those who don't like relationship books; it's short (100 pages), easy to read, funny, engaging, practical and innovative.

Listen: Author Brian Andrew discusses his new release 'The Man Book' on Mornings with Fee

By Fiona CameronSaturday 25 Sep 2021Mornings with FeeRelationshipsReading Time: 1 minute

In his own words author Brian Andrew says ‘The Man Book’ will help you play like a team, stop criticising and arguing, stop fantasising about someone new, enjoy the best sex you’ve ever had, and features a world-first home-based ‘Fart Protocol’.

Brian is a speaker, author, columnist, lecturer, consultant and storyteller. He worked as State Director for World Vision, traveled the world working with young people, and way back completed a building apprenticeship.

Brian Andrews has just launched ‘The Man Book’, “a handbook of relationship wisdom which I’ve accumulated through friendship, counsel, research and my own experience. One of the best ways to get wise is to learn from mistakes. I’ve made my share, and learned from them. Hopefully, my mess-ups will give you a laugh and maybe give you some tips and ideas.” Brain shares.

Listen to full interview on Mornings with Fee in the player above. 

To find out more and order your copy of ‘The Man Book’ visit Live Happy Together.