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5 Powerful Winter Warmers for Your Relationship

Combat that seasonal affect disorder, yes it's a thing, with these 5 ways to warm up your relationship this winter.

Listen: Relationship expert and neuropsychotherapist, Joanne Wilson shares 5 ways to warm up your relationship this winter.

By Natalie BennettMonday 12 Jun 2023Salt 106.5 WeekendsRelationshipsReading Time: 2 minutes

Relationship expert and neuropsychotherapist Joanne Wilson shares 5 powerful winter warmers for your relationship… have you got a pen and paper ready? Because you don’t wanna miss any of these ideas.

Joanne has packed them all in so here you go…

1. Inside activities

Now don’t laugh at this one 😉 Spend a night pouring over cookbooks… “you can get quite inspired because we need a little bit of extra padding during winter, don’t we?”

“Spend some time together as a couple, play a board game. There are so many cool ones to get to know each other. Knit together. Yes, I’m seeing more and more blokes knit with their partners… Enjoy creating a lovely scarf movie night. That’s an obvious one. Make some lovely warm drinks together.”

2. Rejuvenation

I’m thinking we need to create a day spa at home for couples. This is your moment to indulge in self-compassion and just fill up the bath, get some oils, do a bit of a buffing here and there. And then just enjoy each other’s company at the day spa you’ve created yourself.

You can get so creative with candles and fluffy towels and just get nice and cozy. You are your only limit.

3. Combat that seasonal affect disorder

“Yes, it’s a thing… I feel sad when it’s consistently dull weather. So get out there, go for a winter hike, try indoor skydiving.

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“Why not go op shopping? Dress each other up head to toe in a new op shop outfit for the winter.

4.  Get creative, sip and paint

“You can have a cup of tea, coffee, a little glass of something delicious and paint each other. If you look online, you can find these opportunities where they actually have designated sessions where couples can paint each other, or you can just paint a tree or something.”

5. The obvious one… cuddle

Of course, that’s going to get you warm, so spend some time with eye contact, and cuddle each other this winter.

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