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Emotional Attentiveness Begins with P.A.R.T

Our relationship expert shares a handy acronym that helps when it comes to being emotionally attentive to those in our world. 

Listen: Relationship expert and neuropsychotherapist, Joanne Wilson shares the importance of P.A.R.T for emotional attentiveness.

By Natalie BennettMonday 24 Jul 2023Salt 106.5 WeekendsRelationshipsReading Time: 2 minutes

We all know what is important to be successful in life is to be able to relate to your people. Not just your intimate partners, but those colleagues around you, your family members.

It is such a gift when we can provide emotional attentiveness, relationship expert and neuropsychotherapist Joanne Wilson shares handy acronym given to us by the wonderful Dr. Dan Siegel, that helps when it comes to being emotionally attentive to those in our world.

PART Emotional Attentiveness

P – Presence

To be truly felt by the other person. That feeling of feeling felt by the other, as if our mind is seen clearly and received with an open mind and a receptive heart. Oh, how beautiful is that?

A – Attunement

The process by which we are not only open with our presence but focus on those signals of communication that are either verbal or non-verbal that are being sent to the other person.

R – Resonance

When our own internal state and the external behaviors become aligned with the other person. And this is when we talk about those amazing mirror neurons that God created us with that help us to sense empathy or feel pain or joy when someone else is.

T – Trust

When we can attain and achieve all those other elements of presence, attunement, and resonance. It builds trust between us and other people, then you can take a risk to share more deeply and become more connected with that other person.

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