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Part 3: Making Sure Your Marriage Marathon is Fun

It's never too late in the relationship to start spicing things up - Relationship coach Joanne Wilsons shares her tips for making sure your marriage marathon stays fun.

Listen: Relationship expert and neuropsychotherapist, Joanne Wilson with Part 3

By Natalie BennettSaturday 16 Sep 2023Salt 106.5 WeekendsRelationshipsReading Time: 3 minutes

In Part 3 Relationship expert and neuropsychotherapist Joanne Wilson shares some fun stuff – how do we make… and keep our relationship fun for the long run. 

“As you progress along your marriage marathon, let’s make it a fun run. By flirting more… it’s never too late in the relationship to start spicing things up by getting flirty verbally and physically, just like you did in the early years.

“Try a new hobby. I often get people come into the counseling room and say, ‘oh, we don’t have anything in common’… Find something. Make an effort. Invest your energy levels into trying something new. I don’t care if it’s macrame or if it’s go-kart racing. Try and come up with something new.

“Yes, get the babysitter if you’ve got children, and plan ahead. My husband and I from very early on, made sure that we allocated, time to ourselves at least once a month, particularly during the child rearing years when it can get rather monotonous and exhausting. Just being able to step away and remember who you are together as a couple.

Try and do something fun at least every week.

“Just step outside of the routine. I know stepping out of your comfort zone can be tricky, but just make it a point to do something small or fun together. Spend time with other great couples. It’s always great to gain ideas and be inspired by the connectedness of other couples who are doing well.

“Another fun thing to do… make goals together. I like to know that I’m working towards something, either personally, family or relationship goals.

“Play games. Yes, get the board games out… or even if there are online games, get a stack of cards out… play outside on the deck, particularly in, in this weather.

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“Leave little reminders for each other. Make sure that you provide words of appreciation or something flirty. Put a little note under your partner’s pillow maybe in their car. Just remind them [your partner] why you love them.

“Be silly. Go and dye your hair together or do a funny dance TikTok. Find something that is just a little bit silly and outside of the normal. Again, make chores fun. You can do them with some grand 80’s music… doing dirty dishes together can be boring but turn it into something fun by wearing something weird or singing something. Get the creative juices flowing.

“Just let go of the little things – It’s my final tip – make sure that you don’t get caught up in a background news reel in your head of criticism about the other person. Making it fun is always making sure that you have a positive mindset about your partner. If you have things that you need to address, do it straight away.

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