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Top 5 Books to Fuel Your Relationship Fire

Time to fuel your relationship fire with Relationship expert and neuropsychotherapist Joanne Wilson's top 5 recommended relationship books. 

Listen: Relationship expert and neuropsychotherapist, Joanne Wilson shares her top 5 recommendations for books that will fuel your relationship fire.

By Natalie BennettWednesday 6 Sep 2023Salt 106.5 WeekendsRelationshipsReading Time: 2 minutes

Time to fuel your relationship fire with Relationship expert and neuropsychotherapist Joanne Wilson’s top 5 recommended relationship books. 

1. Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

“By Dr. John Gottman of the Gottman Institute, a very prolific with their research for many, many decades in supporting couples understand each other and become aligned.

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2. Five Love Languages Revised Edition: The Secret to Love That Lasts

“The concept that was coined by Dr. Gary Chapman back in the 90’s, which is still so very relevant today in understanding how you need to show your partner’s love, language and not your own. When you’re both doing that, it is a wonderful experience of feeling truly loved.

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3. Hold Me Tight

“Dr. Sue Johnson’s Hold Me Tight, is an approach that integrates emotionally focused therapy that I use in the therapy room, and it is helping us understand the emotions behind our behaviors.

“There is a depth of feelings under there that fuel our behaviors. And when we can learn to self-regulate, and when we can understand what’s truly happening for our partner, then we can understand ourselves and each other. It is a beautiful concept.

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4. Wired for Love: How Understanding Your Partner’s Brain and Attachment Style Can Help You Defuse Conflict and Build a Secure Relationship

“Dr. Stan Tatkin’s, Wired for Love, sparks that intimacy purely by understanding the neuroscience and the biological perspective behind how we trigger each other. We can set each other off, but when we find out what’s happening in our brain in the simplest sense, it is truly so helpful.

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5. Renovate Your Relationship

“It’s a very biased recommendation… book #5 that I would highly recommend… mine. Renovate Your Relationship Yes, authored by me, has many tips for supporting your relationship from parenting, co-parenting, self-compassion, conflict communication, and maintaining your relationship well into the future by using mentors and all other types of insights I have gained, not only from research books, but from my clients as well.

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