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Your 10 Top Tips for a Loving, Long-lasting Relationship

Advice too good not to share... 10 Top Tips from the Salt 106.5 Community on what makes a loving, long lasting relationship.

By Natalie BennettWednesday 15 Feb 2023RelationshipsReading Time: 4 minutes

We asked the Salt 106.5 community ‘What’s your top tip for a loving, long-lasting relationship?’ and your answers were too good not to share. 

So if you’re looking for a little advice on how to keep love alive in your relationship, or where to start in building a loving, long-lasting relationship. Here are the 10 top tips from your Salt 106.5 family…

1. Danielle’s Top Tip

  1. After coming home from work, give each other a big hug and say “I missed you!”
  2. If in an argument say “let’s agree to disagree at this point”, ” then laugh together and stay positive by saying”, “isn’t it great that we are unique and have opinions on things in life, it makes life interesting”.
  3. Always say ” I love you” before going to bed. And at least once a day….you can never say it enough!

2. Juanita’s Top Tip

Secret to long successful marriage: Always put God first, and never go to bed angry

3. Cheryl’s Top Tip

Treat each other with respect and never lose your sense of humour. We’ve been laughing together for 35 years… not constantly, but a lot!

4. Chris’s Top Tip(s)

  1. Long-lasting relationship you say – Well its about not always having your own way
  2. When night time comes and you feel upset – Don’t go to bed without apologizing to your pet (spouse)
  3. Get to know your spouse and what makes them feel great – Really works at spoiling your mate
  4. Fun! Fun! Fun! is so important and it is good – If you plan date days and nights with yummy food
  5. Put God first and pray together every day – Reach out and help others and things will go your way

Kate’s Top Tip – Remember that no-one is perfect – not even you!

5. Sandra’s Top Tip

Don’t try and change the other person love them for all their good and bad qualities being respectful and trusting. Believe that god has brought the two of you together to live life to the full in his light.

6. Hugh’s Top Tip

Seeking to grow in your understanding of the fruit of the spirit and applying them to your relationship. Growing to be more like Jesus and understanding that Christ calls us to love one another as he loves us make such a big difference.

7. Corey’s Top Tip

I heard this on your station and it really stuck with me. It’s not about us asking each other, how can we have a better marriage? The question is how can I be a better spouse?

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If I try to out serve her daily, then I’m doing my job(as long as it’s with the right motives). To cherish and nourish her, love her as Christ loves the church. Very hard to get right, very grateful grace is a thing.

8. Ricki-Lee’s Top Tip

Don’t assume the other knows, even the most basic of things. Always seek their opinion/understand.

Justin’s Top Tip – Be quick to forgive, and quick to apologise.

9. Sammatha’s Top Tip

My experience is that there is indeed a secret strand that weaves together a relationship to make it loving and long-lasting. It is a golden thread called “understanding”.

When you make it your life ambition to be a student of your partner, you are up for some incredible trophies of success. When you watch what makes a smile tick over on their face; when you learn to edge on the inflection of excitement in their chattering before they have even birthed a complete idea; when you memorise their favourite colour, their favourite song, and their favourite chocolate; when you pray for the things that matter to them on both small and large scales; when you study your partner during arguments in an effort to really hear what makes their heart beat and mind crank – this is what makes a relationship exquisitely beautiful and increasingly intimate.

I used to label this as “good communication”, but I have come to see it goes far beyond good communication. It is about seeking to know your lover even better than they even know themselves. This is a total win-win for both of you. Firstly, your partner adores you for your keen interest and understanding of them; and secondly, it is hugely fulfilling to get grades of A+ in your studies of the topic that matters most in your world.

So my advice is to put in the hard yards, daily study and love into your topic and get PhD in understanding your partner. The piece of paper you don’t get at the end is absolutely priceless, written in golden ink that only the two of you can understand.

10. Melanie’s Top Tip

Don’t sweat the small things and never yell. Always be respectful and have fun together.