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Hope Goin’ Global with FEBC – Radio Can Change a Life

Come on a journey with Salt 106.5 as we visit five countries in five days and see God at work through FEBC and their life-changing radios.

Listen: Kevin Keegan, FEBC Director, chats with Pastor & Olive Tree Media CEO Karl Faase about the heart and start of FEBC

By Natalie BennettSaturday 20 Mar 2021Social JusticeReading Time: 3 minutes

Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) broadcast over 1500 hours of programming every day in 141 languages across more than 50 countries! This week we’re Goin’ Global in partnership with FEBC to Let Them Hear.

Come on a journey with Salt 106.5 as we visit five countries in five days. Over the next week you will hear incredible interviews and stories from Cambodia, Ukraine, Philippines, Mongolia and Indonesia of how God is at work through FEBC and their radio, media ministry, sharing the hope of Jesus in the hardest to reach places on earth.

Give a $30 radio gift today

As part of the Salt 106.5 family, we know you have a heart for God and we want to ignite a passion in more people to share the Good News. Goin’ Global is an opportunity for you – our awesome listeners – to join forces with us in support of this incredible ministry to reach thousands of people with the gift of a radio.

These are no ordinary radios

A battery, solar or wind-up radio can reach isolated and remote communities with the Gospel.

Gifting a $30 radio will Let Them Hear of Jesus and provide practical life-saving programs in heart languages. Visit febc.org.au.

Give a $30 radio gift today

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FEBC faces around the globe

Who is FEBC?

Far East Broadcasting Company is a global media ministry, broadcasting the Good News via radio an online media channels to inspire the unreached to follow Jesus Christ.

FEBC is:

  • On the air – using shortwave, AM and FEB radio to communicate the gospel, news and information
  • Online – broadcasting internationally on platforms including the internet, mobile app and satellite
  • On the ground – with teams distributing radios and working directly with churches, community leaders, other missions and NGOs to help people in need

Did you know that there are still more than 2 billion people who have not heard the name Jesus?

Why radio?

Radio is an incredibly powerful and personal way to reach people. FEBC’s mission is to connect with the hardest to reach people in the world and radio enables this regardless of obstacles such as borders, geographical isolation, poverty, illiteracy, religious persecution or lack of essential services like electricity or internet connection.

One radio can bring an entire village to find hope and love in Jesus!

The teams often travel for days, on foot if need be, to distribute radios to some of the most remote places on earth. FEBC’s radio and internet content including talkback programs share the gospel with listeners as well as educate, inform and empower through lifestyle programs on issues specific to the region.

FEBC is serving people at their point of need, working with local partners in the community who know the people, the language and the culture to create content on topics such as healthcare, justice, positive relationships, domestic abuse, trafficking, exploitation and so on.

Whether FEBC listeners have ever heard of Jesus, must keep their beliefs hidden to avoid persecution or are in need of support in their faith, FEBC’s programs provide a powerful connection to God.

Give a $30 radio gift today