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“Giving Children the Ability to See Again”, 11yo Curtis Changing Lives With CBM

We chat to 11 year old Curtis, who started a business washing wheelie bins and is now making miracles happen for people thanks to CBM

Listen: Salt 106.5 catches up with 11 year old Curtis, and his mission to give 10 sight saving Miracles.

By Salt 106.5 Network Tuesday 17 Aug 2021SponsoredReading Time: 2 minutes

We’re gearing up for Miracles Day this Thursday – a wonderful opportunity for the Salt family to unite together and make Miracles happen – a CBM Miracle of sight saving surgery that cost only $33 and changes someones life forever. 

Salt 106.5 Lee caught up with 11 year old Curtis, who started a business washing his neighbours’ bins and is now using what he earned to give 10 people the Miracle gift of sight, “I’m raising money to make 10 miracles, which is $33 for one miracle, and one miracle gives one kid the ability to see.” shares Curtis. 

It’s a smelling job and takes Curtis about 25mins to complete, but he shares “I’m not interested in bins, but I am interested in the charity (CBM), and giving children the ability to see. Because, one day I saw the video and I felt really bad for them. And then I realised you can give someone the ability to see, like those people in the video. So I thought, why not give one miracle when you can give 10”.


And what’s the main secret of cleaning a skip bin? Curtis tells us “Bring extra smelly stuff, stuff that smells good. And the cheaper the equipment is, the better it is. Because, one day we used something that costs like $20 to clean the bin, and it wasn’t working very well. And then we used one for like $5, and then it was working amazing”.

Listen to our full conversation with Curtis in the player above. 

Join Curtis and donate a Miracle online today or call 131 226.

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What is a Miracle?

A Miracle is a life-changing surgery that restores the vision of someone with cataracts.

Cataracts are the leading cause of low vision or blindness in developing countries. A cataract is a milky clouding of the eye lens, which is like looking through a foggy camera lens. It reduces clear vision and, if left untreated, can lead to permanent vision impairment or blindness.

The good news is that this sight-saving surgery – which involves replacing the clouded lens with a clear, durable, artificial lens – is safe and quick, often done in just 12 minutes.

Each Miracle costs just $33, about the price of two movie tickets or a take-away dinner. It’s effective too, with about 90% of people who have cataract surgery enjoying better vision as a result.

The majority of people living with untreated cataracts are in developing countries where they cannot afford surgery or are unable to  access health care, meaning they are going needlessly blind.

Find out more and give a Miracle online today or call 131 226.