New Volunteer Joins Salt 106.5 Team for Weekends - Salt 106.5

New Volunteer Joins Salt 106.5 Team for Weekends

Meet Joanne Wilson newest member of the Salt 106.5 volunteer family, joining you every Saturday from 12pm - 4pm.

By Natalie BennettSaturday 18 Feb 2023Station NewsReading Time: 1 minute

As a community radio station we love it when our volunteer family grows, and we’re excited to introduce you to the newest member… Joanne Wilson! 

Joanne has volunteered to join you for your Saturday afternoon between 12pm – 4pm, to bring you lots of the music you love along with the important information of the day to keep your weekend humming.

Who is Joanne Wilson?

Joanne Wilson is a relationship expert and neuropsychotherapist, with a passion for helping people unlock the secrets to having healthy and loving relationships. With more than 10 years of experience helping individuals and couples improve their lives and relationships, even in cases where all seemed lost.

A podcaster, speaker and media commentator, Joanne has built an enviable reputation as a relationship influencer who has the tools to help couples transform their lives and reclaim happiness.

Joanne’s mission is to help people create healthy, thriving and safe relationships that can leave a legacy lasting generations.

Joanne Wilson with book

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