ICYMI: Big News for Salt Breakfast in 2024 - Salt 106.5

ICYMI: Big News for Salt Breakfast in 2024

"it's time to hand the microphone and the headphones and the alarm clock... to someone else. Yeah, that'll be fantastic." share Kristian & Eliza

Listen: Salt Breakfast team Kristian and Elizia share some big news with the Sunshine Coast.

By Natalie BennettMonday 29 Jan 2024The Morning Wake-up with JordanaStation NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

It was an emotional Breakfast show this morning, as Kristian and Eliza share that after 3 years of co-hosting Salt’s Breakfast, they’ll be handing over the microphone to someone new. 

“…we have absolutely loved our time together and with you, our listeners, and just calling the Sunshine Coast home. It’s such just an amazing place to live in the world.” the Breakfast team shared.

“…we both grew up here and being able to share mornings together has been just phenomenal.” Kristian shared, reflecting on his 6 years hosting Salt 106.5 Breakfast.

Reflecting on why now is the right time for a change, Eliza shared “…we would like to share mornings now just with us for a little while. We’re married, and we have been for almost 21 years now, and after a lot of early, early wake-ups (3:34 AM wake-ups), Kristian and I have decided that it is time to hand the breakfast show over to someone else…”

“We love Salt (106.5). We believe in the mission, we have been prayerful over the last few months, and just realized that it’s time to hand the microphone and the headphones and the alarm clock… to someone else. Yeah, that’ll be fantastic.”

“It’s such an honor to be walking out the mornings together, whether it’s on the way to school or work, and it’s just been such a joy and we do love it. We just know that for the moment and the time where our life is at, that it is time to call it.”

Kristian and Eliza will be with Salt 106.5 until the end of February and are excited to help hand the show over to someone new – so if you’re excited to be a part of the new Salt 106.5 Breakfast team, you can find out more right here. 

Listen to Kristian and Eliza sharing the news and what’s coming next for them as a family in the player above. 

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