Welcome to the New Morning Wake-up with Jordana - Salt 106.5

Welcome to the New Morning Wake-up with Jordana

Exciting news! Salt 106.5 Morning Wake-up has a brand new host... welcome to the team Jordana. Waking up with you weekday mornings from 6am.

By Natalie BennettWednesday 20 Mar 2024The Morning Wake-up with JordanaStation NewsReading Time: 4 minutes

Tune in from 6am tomorrow and you’ll be greeted by the brand-new host of the Morning Wake-up Jordana! 

There’s a buzz around the place, with our newest host Jordana bouncing into the Salt 106.5 studios, bringing a fun, friendly and joyful start to your morning.  Ahead of Jordana’s first show we sat down for a quick chat to find out more about her, and what her plans are for the Morning Wake-up…

What attracted you to joining the Salt 106.5 team?

“I’ve worked in various areas of media production for the past 17 years. From TV, live events and Radio. Including spending 4 years working for HTB in London (where alpha started) training and organising volunteers in production for Sundays and live events at the Royal Albert Hall. In the past year, I’ve had an amazing time working in radio, and when I saw an opportunity to work in radio for Jesus on the Sunny Coast – I had to jump at the chance!”

“Ever since I got the job, I’ve had so many people tell me how wonderful and talented the team at Salt 106.5 are, so I can’t wait to get started.”

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What did you get up to before joining Salt 106.5?

“Before becoming the brekkie host on Salt 106.5, I’ve been a Comedy Content Strategist for the past three years. Which is a fancy way of saying I’ve collaborated with amazing brands with my company ‘That British Girl’, consulted with companies and spoken at numerous events about social media, and managed social media for numerous brands.”

What opportunities do you see for Christian media in this season?

“In this upcoming season, I see a huge growth in the Christian media community. There’s already been a massive surge in Christian content creators online, showing Gods heart and love.”

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“The rise of Christian music artists in mainstream media has been amazing to watch! On my own social media channels (@thejordanagrace), my content is loved by people around the world, and has threads of Christianity throughout. While there is some kickback, most of my community is very supportive of my faith, because I talk about it using comedy and have created a safe and family friendly environment. I will also be sharing snippets of my show and will use my socials to help spread the word about what’s going on at Salt 106.5.”

…my community is very supportive of my faith, because I talk about it using comedy and have created a safe and family friendly environment.

It’s the weekend – what do you love to do most with your downtime?

“I love going to my local cafe for a coffee with friends. Hanging out at the beach with a book (& love my monthly book club.) I love going paddle boarding and checking out the weekend markets! I also may have a slight obsession with coffee mugs and am always on the hunt for more.”


  • MORNING OR EVENING: Morning person!!
  • TEA OR COFFEE: I need both to survive. In Australia, it’s an oat flat white. In the UK, a proper cuppa tea with a biscuit. (Side note: if you’re travelling to the UK, mentally prepare yourself that the coffee is not the same, so embrace the tea culture.)
  • THE MOVIE OR THE BOOK: The BOOKS of course!
  • SUMMER OR WINTER: Queensland Winter.
  • CATS OR DOGS: Whichever one will give me cuddles.

What’s one thing we should expect from this new Salt 106.5 Breakfast show?

“You can expect laughs and stories! What I’m looking forward to most is interaction with the sunny coast community. I love people, so I’m excited to chat with you all every morning; hear your stories and navigate life together. The team and I will make sure the phone lines are ready to go!”

Thanks to everyone in advance for your support and prayers.

How can we pray for you as you step into this new chapter?

“I would love prayer over creating a routine with the community. So you know when to call in and tell me what’s going on in the coast.”

“Please pray for community, inspiration and patience for the team as they train me up! Thanks to everyone in advance for your support and prayers.”