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Got Question about the Bible? God? Jesus? or Christianity? Are there any spiritual issues in your life for which you need help, or advice in finding answers to life’s BIG questions? Find 612,406 answers to common Bible and faith questions – 


Christianityworks is a non-denominational media ministry/organisation, whose sole purpose is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through the media around the globe. They produce Christian radio messages that we provide free of charge to over 1,100 radio stations around the globe – Christian stations, community stations, commercial stations and government owned broadcasters. Each week, literally tens of millions of people hear one of our radio messages somewhere in the world, including on this radio station.

All About God

All About God is a website that reach out to skeptics, seekers, believers, and a hurting world with powerful evidence for God and the Good News of Jesus.

The Bible App

The Bible online, on any device and in any language you choose. Get it online now.

Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway is your rich social and personal connection to freely read, research, and reference Scripture on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone . . . anywhere; in more than 70 languages and more than 180 versions! It’s simple yet advanced searching capabilities allow you to quickly find and compare particular passages in multiple Bible translations based on the keywords, phrases, topics, or Scripture references you have in mind.

Josh McDowell Ministry

Josh McDowell’s website will be an aid to you as you seek to know God personally and grow in your relationship with Him. Whether you are a pastor or skeptic, parent or teenager, the resources on this site will help you as you seek to answer the Big questions that you ponder.

Faith Filled Media

The Australia Christian Channel

ACCTV delivers a wide range of movies, popular TV series, teaching programs, kids’ shows, documentaries and much more. ACCTV aims to inspire, to offer hope and to celebrate story on any screen, anytime and anywhere. Start watching & find out more


Talking to our friends about God isn’t always easy, but we’ve created an app that helps you start the conversation.

Christian Post

It’s the most comprehensive Christian news website delivering up-to-date news, information, and commentaries relevant to Christians across denominational lines. has quickly grown to become a leading online Christian news publication, with continuous updates throughout the day – seven days a week.

This is a relevant and informative Christian youth website that publishes daily articles, reviews and video content for teens. Targeting 13-18 year olds who are Christians or are interested in learning more about a Christian worldview. You might be asking “Aren’t there lots of Christian youth sites already”? Yes and no. There are Christian youth sites out there but they’re a bit daggy. Meanwhile, the better sites we’ve seen are targeted towards older Christians and don’t always address topics directly related to youth culture. Their aim is to be an easy-to-use site that’s representative of Biblical Christianity, plus a friendly online community that helps youth digest and discuss thought-provoking content with their peers and church leaders. is a provider of online streaming Christian radio broadcasts and programs. Listen to your favourite Christian speakers, authors, and pastors. Search audio broadcasts by topic to find sermons and messages on issues important to you including Christian living, Bible study, salvation, marriage, prayer, Jesus Christ, parenting, and many more.



Groundwire is a safe private space online to ask all types of faith/God type questions with a Groundwire life coach on the other end… It is easy and private for anyone to use 24/7. Go online now for a helpful chat.

Focus On The Family

Focus on the Family provide all kinds of advice, tips and support for both parents and children that are needing help with life and relationships in general. And don’t we all need a little help? Of course we do.