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Stories of Hope

How your support of Salt 106.5 is impacting lives across the Sunshine Coast... Share your stories of hope today!

By Natalie BennettWednesday 1 Jun 2022Station NewsReading Time: 6 minutes

These are your Stories of Hope, the impact your Salt 106.5 is having on lives across the Sunshine Coast. We hope you are encouraged, inspired, and reminded of just how much God loves this city.

If you’d like to share your Story of Hope please contact the Salt 106.5 Team today.

“Hope is the underlying voice of Salt, and I know when I tune in I will be inspired, encouraged and uplifted. Salt 106.5 are my people. They make me smile. I feel safe with them, and that is important to me and to my family.”

– Sam

“Salt (106.5) helped give me hope when I was in a time of need. It delivers a positive message in times where there is not much of it and yet is needed more than ever. Keep up the great work!”

– Mark

“Salt 106.5 is easy to listen to… It is always uplifting and kind. There is a good mix of music… Thank you for providing the radio station that encourages others to have a closer relationship with God.”

– Rob

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“I have enjoyed listening to Salt for years now. Starting my morning drive and then at work with Kristian and Eliza is always a great way to put a smile on your dial. They are a crack up and I love how Kristian manages to dig himself a hole most mornings, Eliza is obviously full of grace. Keep up the laughs.”

– Ed

“This is the BEST radio station on the Sunshine Coast! Great stories, uplifting messages and wonderful music! I am encouraged everyday and my family are impacted by God’s word as it seeps into them. I also love the banter between Christian and Eliza, keep up the good work Salt and thank you for making a difference”

– Julie

“Hope is the underlying voice of Salt…” – Sam

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Ensure hope for this moment, and hope for tomorrow.

There is hope for a better day tomorrow, for a better future for your family, your friends, your neighbourhood. Hope for a world in which love overcomes fear – and people are not divided but instead unite.

“I have been struggling with motherhood a lot lately, and not having much of a family support network…. I love listening to salt for everyone’s calming voices and positive reinforcement of kindness, hope, and bible verses.

I was on my way home from work today actually not wanting to go home, and heard someone saying that it may seem hard now but you will get through it and it will seem insignificant and the bond with your children will be what matters….So thank you for always reminding us and encouraging us to be our best self.”

– April

“I listen to Salt 106.5 everyday. With 3 kids, I’m very much a mum taxi and knowing they are listening to a radio station that is family friendly is a win. As a aged care support worker I do a lot of driving for work, and as I drive my beautiful members around I keep Salt radio on in the hope they hear a song or story that speaks Jesus. ”

– Carla

“Life is really stressful and I love it when I get a positive tip from Hope on how to live life better or to even turn on the radio and hear some great music or even hearing a funny story. This is my station and I need its support in my life which is why I am supporting it.”

– Lisa

“Salt is not just another radio station it’s there for everyone, is always uplifting to listen to and I thought no better time to gift then now…I love listing to you guys and never have to worry what’s being played because it’s all good” – Tim

“We really appreciate the quality music and conversations on this radio station! As a young family where we all love music, it’s encouraging to know that our kids are growing up listening to music with depth of lyrics and meaning, and encouragement in their lives. Thanks for all you do!”

– Sarah

“Your messages of Hope, makes us all stronger, it gives us inspiration and strengthens our Faith! Thank you!”

– Gerald

“Always a blessing to turn my radio on to Salt 1065 in my car and hear positive, inspiring words, music and teaching and words of uplifting Christian truth and faith, always a word in season, I just love it, may God continue to bless you all abundantly in what you have been called to do, in Jesus name…”

– Rita

We have only just moved to the Sunshine Coast, and it is great to hear people on the radio praising our Lords name in the community through conversation and wonderful music! Its refreshing to have a station that the whole family can listen along to together with. May our Lord bless your work and bear wonderful fruit for all to share – Peter

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Make today your day to unite in hope

There is hope for a better day tomorrow, for a better future for your family, your friends, your neighbourhood. Hope for a world in which love overcomes fear – and people are not divided but instead unite.

“I enjoy the great music on Salt 106.5 and I particularly value the short talks with advice and guidance for doing life better by your contributors (Paul Clarke, Michelle Mitchel, Gretchen Mitchell and all the others). Thanks for all your hard work to offer us such great radio.”

– Karyn

“You guys are just always playing the right song or the right bible verse at the right time just always boosting my spirits as I’m driving places and just such a good mix of music getting everyone singing along.”

– Timothy

When I’m passing the Sunshine Coast I always tune to salt for inspiring music and information to keep my spirits high. I cringe from the loose talk on other stations and the incorrect use of my Lords name especially. If salt wasn’t around, I would be driving in silence. Thank y’all for your part you play in my life. Even if it’s only a small part – Frederick

“Life can bring many struggles Salt 106.5 helps us get through those times daily. We need you, your people and your love”

– Anonymous

“Salt keeps me on track – it’s my go to – when I’m feeling down it picks me up – when I need encouragement it gives me encouragement – when I need hope it gives me hope – it’s just there for me…”

– Lisa

“We have been listening to Salt 106.5 for years and we love the mix of contemporary and Christian pop music. The fun laughs with Christian and Eliza in the morning drives to work and the crack ups with Luke and Susie in the afternoons! All the presenters are great in their own unique ways with encouragements and lighthearted chats. Keep up the great work Salt 106.5 team”.

– Sherri

“It’s been quite difficult to cope at times with the emotional struggle since my marriage break up. About three months ago I was driving back from being up the coast for the day and my tears were just rolling down. I don’t know why but I changed the radio station I was listening to and have not changed it back since. I didn’t even know about your radio station and now I tell my family and friends about it. I listen to Salt 106.5 at work, in my car and at home pretty much every day and night. Thank you for your beautiful and encouraging words”.

– Anonymous

“As a young person with a mental illness, Salt 106.5 has helped me become closer to God and To know that I’m not alone and I wanted to donate and give my best gift so that people that are my age know that they’re not alone and that God loves them and can help them through anything” – Amy

“I listen to Salt most days and love their mission to bring hope and life to people on the Sunshine Coast. Everyone needs to hear the message of Jesus and this radio station is all about doing exactly that”.

– Gaylene

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Make today your day to unite in hope

There is hope for a better day tomorrow, for a better future for your family, your friends, your neighbourhood. Hope for a world in which love overcomes fear – and people are not divided but instead unite.